In Home Oxygen

COPD is annoying, limiting your flexibility and for sure uncomfortable

We designed products that help to relieve this

Once you have COPD you are stuck with in home oxygen supply. Life as it was has changed. You can not move around anymore as you did before, because of your continuous need for extra oxygen.

No more oxygen tubing laying around as we offer retractable oxygen tubing

You are linked to the in home oxygen source by 15 meters of oxygen tubing. You constantly have to mange it when you move around. It gets caught between the furniture, it collects dust. It is a real threat for you or your partner to triple over it. It will get bended and kinked. Your oxygen supply is blocked! Not comfortable, not what you want. We solved this problem for you. We designed  The Tidy Tubing the first and only retractable oxygen tube. No more fear of blocking the oxygen supply to your lungs, no more fear of tripping over. Your partner will be happier. Everything will look much tidier in your home! Just like it used to be. Read more..


Have oxygen in 4 different places in your house with your in home oxygen distribution devices

But still there is this other problem with the in home oxygen supply. You are linked to the concentrator by the 15 meter oxygen tube. You can not go in to the kitchen, your study or bed room as the oxygen tube is not long enough. Would it not be great to be able to go to the favourite places in your house when you want it and be sure of oxygen supply when you are there? Now possible with The Stationmaster, facilitating in home oxygen distribution in a controlled reliable and flexible way. More flexibility, more comfort. Read more..


Carry your cylinder the way you like it with our versatile oxygen cylinder bag

You really want to go out every now and then. Supposing you have an oxygen cylinder you will want to carry it with you. Patient surveys showed that a back pack is not the real solution they are looking for. Difficult to mount on the back and painful on the shoulders. A shoulder bag is not the solution either, it can causes pain. A hand bag is interesting but sometimes to heavy. So we decide to develop a multi functional bag for you,  The Bellhop. It is a back pack, a shoulder bag and hand bag. Choose according to your likings whenever you want how to wear it. Light weight but sturdy, looking of a sports bag. Cylinder flow settings are easy to read and access. Comfort when being out. Read more..


Easy disconnect oxygen tubing

We designed and made The O2 Talon, a tool that makes it very easy to loosen the oxygen tubing from the concentrator or cylinder. No effort needed, avoid dyspnoea.  Read more..


 Whit a relative small investment life looks brighter

Your in home oxygen supply (Concentrator LOX or Cylinder) provides you extra oxygen. It helps to relief your dyspnoea. Disadvantage, it limitsyour mobility. You are linked to your concentrator by the oxygen tubing. During our 35 years of patient contacts we have seen the disturbance cause by this. We worked with patients to improve your quality of life being on in home oxygen supply.

As much quality of life back that money can buy

Our team really hopes and trust to help you. If you have suggestions for us to improve the life of COPD patients please let us know and mail to us. Please use this contact form.